Motorhome - Shipping

In order to participate in our trip you must ship your motorhome to South America. The cost of shipping is not included in the price of the tour, and all costs and risks associated with shipping is not the responsibility of Seabridge. We are, however, happy to help you with the booking, organization and any questions you may have concerning the shipping process.

Hamburg / Antwerp / Le Havre - Buenos Aires


There is a regular and reliable connection on Roll On / Roll Off ships, which are specialized for vehicle transportation. To do so, you must bring your motorhome to Hamburg in mid-September. The whole voyage takes about 35 days and it is possible to travel on board as a passenger. Please keep in mind that there are only six cabins available and due to high demand these cabins are usually booked almost a year in advance! Therefore, we recommend you decide as early as possible if you are interested in traveling by ship. You can also take an earlier ship and spend several days in Buenos Aires prior to the start of the trip, waiting for your motorhome to arrive.

Travelling on board of the cargo ship


The trip on the cargo ship is a unique experience itself. You will stop in several ports and may even have the chance to go ashore. All meals are taken together with the crew. Cabins are fairly basic and don't offer any special comforts. There are different cabin types, inner and outer cabins – that is, with or without a window. If you want to have more room and are willing to pay more, you can opt for the owner's cabin. Prices start from €1.433 per person in a double cabin with all meals included. The motorhome incurs an additional cost between €1.751 and €2.918. You will be allowed to drive your vehicle on and off the ship, and you will not be charged any additional costs (no custom broker, no Terminal handling charge, etc).

Roll On / Roll Off vehicle transportation

The motorhomes are driven onto the ship. If you ship your motorhome as cargo (unaccompanied), you pay €335,00 per meter. There will be additional fees for bunker, terminal handling charge, agent fees and a custom broker on unaccompanied vehicles. These costs depend on the actual weight and size of the motorhome. Expect additional costs up to US$1,100.

South America - Central America


The Pan-American Highway is not complete between Colombia and Panama: there is still no drivable road connection between South and Central America! As such, we will ship our motorhomes around the so-called Darien Gap, from Cartagena, Colombia to Panama. If during our trip the political situation in Colombia becomes volatile and our safety might be in danger, we will of course adjust our itinerary. Instead of traveling all the way through Colombia, we would simply ship directly from Ecuador.
While there is a regular connection between Cartagena and Panama twice a month, schedules appear only a couple of weeks prior to departure. The shipping itself only takes one day and costs US$44 per meter, plus a terminal handling charge, agent and custom broker fees. These ships do not take passengers, so we travel by plane and spent several days in a hotel.

Cartagena - Panama


Cartagena is one of the most beautiful cities in South America. It has a lot to offer and is the ideal location for a little "vacation" during our trip. Expect a stay of between six and ten days in order to deal with formalities and preparation for the shipping. This also acts as a time buffer in case we lose some days on our way or if the schedule changes. There is no campground in or around Cartagena and not proper motorhome-friendly parking spot. In addition, the hot and humid climate is not ideal for motorhomes. This is why we spend the time in a hotel and park the motorhomes on hotel premises; the hotel administration does not allow camping on its premises. Our chosen hotel is five stars according to Columbian standards and offers all amenities for $200 USD per night. In Panama City, we will also spent some nights in a hotel ($100 USD per night) until we get our motorhomes back.

USA / Canada - Hamburg, Germany


This route is very reliable. There is one ship every week and transport to Hamburg takes about two weeks. Main ports in North America are Halifax, Canada and Baltimore, USA. These ships do not take passengers. Rates are €43,00/meter, plus additional cost like the terminal handling charge and custom broker. You can also ship your motorhome from the west coast (i.e. Los Angeles, USA)
to Germany, but at €71/meter this is a more expensive option.

USA - Buenos Aires

If you are from the USA or Canada, or you just have your motorhome there, we can also arrange shipping from Baltimore to Buenos Aires. There is a regular schedule with two Roll On / Roll Off ships per month. Prices on request.

All prices mentioned above are as of August 2011 and are subject to change!

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