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It’s time to DREAM BIG
on the longest motorhome route
in the world!

This is your chance to combine the journey of a lifetime with the safety and comfort of an organized tour and the camaraderie of like-minded adventurers.

Latin America is like a second home to your tour guides, Janette Emerich and Uwe Hamm. After years of traveling in the region, we are well acquainted with the terrain and how to navigate it most effectively – and we cannot wait to treat you to all stunning scenery, local culture and flavors of South America!

Instead of rushing from one highlight to another, we take time on this journey to savor our experience and even factor in days off just to relax and soak it all in.

Our philosophy on traveling: you’re on your own but not alone. We do not drive in a convoy

All tour participants have the freedom to enjoy the trip at their own pace and rhythm. Your tour guides will leave each campsite last, so that they can be assistance as quickly as possible should you happen to encounter mechanical difficulties along the way.

Of course, given our familiarity with local customs and situations that may arise, we also help with all border crossings, difficult passages and illness. Please note that you are expected to travel with or rent your own motorhome.

Janette Emerich und Uwe Hamm

Janette Emerich und Uwe Hamm

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